Case Studies

Managed Cloud Hosting — WIMCO Corporation
“There are many great benefits in moving to the Cloud. One great value beside the huge savings of eliminating costs associated with the on-premise deployment is that costs are more stable and more predictable. Another value is that disaster recovery is included and it is managed by the solution provider. And lastly and most importantly, we leave things to the experts. We focus on what we do best, construction and our solution partner does what they do best, taking care of our IT infrastructure and ERP solution needs.”
Darlene Moore, Executive Vice President and Treasurer, WIMCO Corporation
Cloud eCMS v.4.1 ERP Software — Cold Spring Construction Company
“With eCMS v.4.1, we got rid of some very significant time-wasting activities and reduced our administrative expenses by 20-30%. We are confident that this is just the beginning. Today, we are all working within the same data set at the same time and have visibility into our overall and individual performance. We are no longer driven by reports that would lag behind actuals by days or even weeks. These dashboards capabilities that refresh in seconds give us greater control over our finances and operations, but they also afford us the opportunity to adjust our business model and strategies as necessary to be competitive and grow.”
John Clancy, Director of Information Systems, Cold Spring Construction Company
Cloud eCMS ERP Software — Joe Bland Construction
“Today, with eCMS Cloud ERP, we can easily see how and where money is spent and income is received, placing our teams proactively in charge of monitoring cash flow and controlling costs, while still remaining compliant. Equally as important as the cost savings, we can now monitor our performance and see what is needed to remain successful and competitive.”
Stephen Pack, Chief Financial Officer, Joe Bland Construction
eCMS ERP & HCSS Heavy Bid, Heavy Job, 360 — JF Brennan Company
“We refused to allow our growth to be crippled by ‘siloed’ business applications. When your company is in growth-mode, your employees and equipment need to perform at optimum productivity and this can only be assured if you have automated your most-critical and time-consuming business processes and have fully integrated data on which to base your day-to-day decisions.”
Tina Klinger, CFO, JF Brennan Company
eCMS ERP Software, Job Costing and Payroll — Rudolph Libbe Companies, Inc.
“I would have to hire an entire additional workforce to maintain and manage the things that eCMS Job Costing and Payroll applications have automated for us. Our life is simpler with eCMS thanks to its rock-solid reliability and unlimited flexibility. Regardless of the size of the job or how fast the required turnaround, eCMS ERP scales accordingly yet delivers the same consistency and efficiency that we have come to expect and appreciate.”
Darlene McCabe, Accounting Manager, Rudolph Libbe Companies, Inc.
eCMS ERP, eCMS Connect for Comdata — J.F. Brennan Company
“The implementation of this integrated eCMS ERP and Comdata solution allows us to pay over 1,000 of our vendors and suppliers on a weekly basis literary with a click of a button. The automation of our vendor payment process has brought our organization significant financial gains through greater and more frequent financial rebates, as well as through the elimination of tedious, labor-intensive administrative tasks.”
Tori Weissenberger, Financial Analyst, J.F. Brennan Company
eCMS ERP, Project Collaborator, and Cognos BI — T.N. Ward Company
“Consolidated reporting has improved the firm’s planning, forecasting and budgeting capabilities, enabling T.N. Ward to successfully continue on its path of measured, sustainable growth. The most important thing eCMS with Project Collaborator and Cognos have done for our firm is to allow us to keenly focus on our number one goal—a successfully completed project for a fully satisfied customer.”
Mark Smith, CFO, T.N. Ward Company
eCMS ERP and Project Collaborator — WIMCO Corp.
“Our use of Computer Guidance Corporation’s enterprise-class ERP solution suite (eCMS) has allowed WIMCO to reach the level of flexibility and scalability that our business requires. Our productivity and operational efficiency has increased significantly since the implementation of eCMS, which is our one-stop shop for all things financial and project related. Having full access to accurate information anytime and anywhere for intelligent decision-making and effective communication would not be possible without Computer Guidance Corporation.”
Darlene Moore, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, WIMCO Corp.
Canadian Payroll, Human Resources & Business Intelligence — Clark Builders
“Only by examining our limitations, could Clark Builders continue to exceed our own lofty expectations. ERP technology and business intelligence support the needs of our entire firm, and allow us to function as a single, cohesive unit as we successfully fulfill the goals of our customers, one project at a time.”
Marc Timberman, Chief Financial Officer, Clark Builders
Hosted eCMS — East Coast Construction Management
“For over 14 years, we have relied on Computer Guidance to help us get our projects done on time, on budget, and on point. We use Hosted eCMS every day to run our companies and Hosted eCMS has been nothing but consistently stable and reliable. And with Hosted eCMS, we can be assured that our business-critical data and processes are protected and always available.”
Michele Cushing, Controller, East Coast Construction Management
Enterprise Content Management — Wake Stone Corporation
“Employees have welcomed the change and we will never go back to the labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes of the past. We estimate a minimum of 20-25% productivity gains for the business process of AP invoice approval and processing and an estimated cost savings of over $50,000 annually.”
Jared K. Miedema, Senior Engineer and Manager of IT, Wake Stone Corporation
Enterprise Content Management — EE Cruz Co., Inc.
“After seeing the amount of time and costs being saved, we looked into other ways to utilize eCMS and its ECM applications in addition to A/P Invoice Processing. We automated auditing, used electronic filing for payroll, human resources, POs, CORs, subcontracts, insurance and more. The benefits have been tremendous and rewarding.”
Lisa August, Accounts Payable Manager/ERP Administrator, EE Cruz Co., Inc.
eCMS Connect for Textura-CPM — GE Johnson Construction Company
“The integrated project of Textura®—CPM™ and eCMS delivers end-to-end, fully automated capabilities to manage construction invoicing, compliance, payment, subcontract and change order processes. GE Johnson Construction Company benefits from the integrated solution by reducing double entries into two standalone systems and eliminating errors and lost time associated with manual data entry. In addition, they improve financial controls through better visibility of project billing and payment processes.”
Tony Craig, Controller, GE Johnson Construction Company
Cloud-based, Hosted eCMS — BRB Contractors, Inc.
“Things have gone very smoothly for us, including the year-end filing since we moved to the hosted, cloud-based environment. There have been a lot less headaches for me these past 12 months not having to install OS updates, software fix packs and not having to perform system backups each night. I am loving it.”
Kathy Laird, Accountant, BRB Contractors, Inc.
eCMS Connect for VisionLink — Cold Spring Construction Co.
“With Computer Guidance’s eCMS, Cat Product Link and VisionLink, we have the necessary tools to optimize our equipment utilization and reduce unnecessary equipment related expenses. We are saving thousands through doubling the scheduled usage of equipment while reducing idle time, fuel waste and rental expenses.”
John Clancy, Director of IT, Cold Spring Construction Company
eCMS Connect for Textura–CPM — Knutson Construction
“With eCMS and Textura—CPM, we are able to process subcontractor payments faster while lowering our overall labor burden. We have eliminated lost or misplaced pay applications and reduced payment cycles by more than 3 days resulting in more than $400,000 in savings in the last year.”
Dale Rohling, Accounting Manager, Knutson Construction
Enterprise Resource Planning — Parsons Electric
“Parsons Electric processed 5,500 invoices, employed over 200 workers and spent nearly 250,000 labor hours on this project to date and the project is projected to be on time and under budget as a result of the seamless integration among the eCMS enterprise resource planning applications and the way these applications manage critical business processes.”
Jeff Moryn, Chief Information Officer, Parsons Electric
Solution Selection Process — Summit Contracting
“Our decision to purchase Computer Guidance Corporation’s eCMS enterprise resource planning solution was based not just on the functionality that closely matched our needs, but on the capabilities of their employees and the integrity they showed proving them to be the right business partner for years to come.”
Lisa Hancock, Vice President and General Manager of Finance, Summit Contracting
Document Imaging & Workflow — Skanska USA Civil
“In addition to increasing the volume of Accounts Payable invoices processed per week, eCMS Document Imaging and Workflow applications helped Skanska USA Civil make it possible to establish standardized business processes and shared resources across the organization, resulting in tremendous flexibility, scalability as well as cost-savings.”
David Spaker, VP of IT, Skanska USA
Business Intelligence — AUI, Inc.
“The combination of eCMS and its Business Intelligence solution provides AUI an easy method of reporting that saves time and enhances productivity. Management receives timely and accurate information when they need it.”
Michele Zulka-King, Chief Financial Officer, AUI, Inc.
Solution Selection Process — T.N. Ward Company
“After an in-depth selection process, we selected Computer Guidance’s eCMS solution for our business due to the flexibility and reliability of the solution and its ability to support our business needs in a single solution package. Since our decision was made, we have worked closely with the professionals at Computer Guidance and have established a partnership that will support our company for years to come.”
Mark Smith, Controller, T.N. Ward Company
Time & Material Billing — Motor City Electric Co.
“eCMS applications provide us with the ability to accurately bill our customers for labor and expenses broken down by individual exhibiting space in a timely manner. This capability allows us to be more competitive in the market and ensures that the requirements of our jobs are fulfilled.”
Patrick Mitchell, Controller, Motor City Electric Co.
Human Resources and Payroll — Clark Construction Company
“Without eCMS financial, human resources and payroll applications, it would have been exceedingly difficult to track and report resource allocation and utilization without hiring additional manpower dedicated to the task. The accuracy of the information was equally important and without an integrated financial and human resources solution, specific contract requirements would not have been easy to meet.”
Lori Fernette, Controller, Clark Construction Company
Equipment Accounting and Equipment Maintenance — BRB Contractors, Inc.
“eCMS’s integrated Equipment Accounting, Equipment Maintenance, and core financial management applications have allowed us to improve our equipment utilization by 25% and increase the life of our equipment by 1-10 years. We were able to reduce our costs and increase our margins by having historic and most up-to-date equipment information in place.”
Darryl Shupe, VP of Finance, BRB Contractors, Inc.
Business Intelligence — J.F. Brennan Company
“Computer Guidance Corporation’s Business Intelligence application greatly helps staff and managers access the information they need to review margins and manage costs. The distribution of business-critical data on a timely and regular basis enables key stakeholders across our organization to make proactive and informed decisions.”
Tori Weissenberger, Controller, J.F. Brennan Company