Software Customization Services


Whether you need a specific software functionality, a new business process or would like us to integrate our eCMS ERP with third-party solutions, Computer Guidance has the expertise to achieve your specific software customization or integration needs. We can make additions to or otherwise customize one of our existing eCMS applications to better suit your business requirements. We bridge the gap between our feature-rich software capabilities and your needs by removing manual and labor-intensive business processes and massaging our eCMS ERP data into business intelligence formats that your users can understand or further format and manipulate. We deliver exactly what your business needs.

Sometimes customization isn't the only way to get more out of your ERP software. Sometimes the best way for you to enhance your productivity is to take a little time to explore new ways of using the tools that you already have, and we offer a variety of consulting and training services that can help your organization better utilize the applications that are in place.

At the end, our recommendation for your organization is to evaluate your current business processes and software functionality as well as review industry best practices. Once this functional review is completed, our software customization and integration services accompanied with our professional services ensure that you are achieving your desired outcomes. We make technology work for you.