XCIPIO—Standalone Solutions


Smarter Business Operations with XCIPIO standalone solutions.

Organizations waste a tremendous amount of time on manual, labor-intensive business processes such as information collection, data entry, content management, editing and sharing. XCIPIO solutions are designed to save time, reduce costs, and make your life a lot easier by providing easy-to-use, innovative applications that can be leveraged for any industry regardless of the back-end business management software or ERP system.

    Content Management — Boost standardization and transparency within and outside your organization in one secure, easy-to-access and ubiquitous location. Viewing, editing, markup and distribution capabilities help you easily see and share changes in any type of document along with tasks, alerts and notifications – ensuring everyone is on the same page.

    Forms Management — Turn any paper or Microsoft Word document into a digital form using simple functions and making them available online or on mobile devices for both on or offline use with subsequent update. Data captured is integrated and stored within your software database for future searching, workflow routing, reporting and analytics.