eCMS v.4.1—Fully Integrated Construction ERP

Smarter Construction with Computer Guidance Construction ERP Software.

A comprehensive suite of software applications that helps any size and type of commercial contractor manage all aspects of their financials and operations. The true value of an enterprise resource planning solution lies in the abundance of data that your company generates on a daily basis. For most companies, the challenge is how to consume the large volumes of valuable information that is available and how to make it available to those that need it when and where they need it. eCMS delivers your intergrated financial and project data on demand for better business practices resulting in smarter construction.

We didn't just jump into providing smarter business analytics and advanced integrated workflows; we started by laying the groundwork first:

  • Completely Integrated ERP
  • Most Comprehesive Construction-Specific Accounting, Job Costing and Payroll Functionality
  • #1 Ranked IBM SQL Relational Database
  • Browser-Based and Mobile-Friendly
  • #1 Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Industry-Leading Cloud Services

Taking advantage of all of these capabilities provides organizations a holistic perspective of its data ensuring information is available and useful in all its various forms. Ultimately, companies achieve the ability to truly analyze their organization and gain insights across the different areas of their business and different types of data—discovering unforeseen trends, hidden gaps, and information, which can be leveraged to make smarter decisions.