Computer Guidance Products

eCMS: Fully Integrated Construction ERP Solution

We are committed to providing high quality and innovative software solutions that transform our clients’ business challenges into profitable results. We don’t just serve 50,000 users. We leverage their industry expertise, understand their needs and develop in partnership so their every keystroke is purposeful, returning superior results, on time and on budget.

In today’s highly interconnected and intelligent world, there is no time to work with unreliable or incomplete data. No matter what the economic conditions are, it is important for businesses to be smart. We help our clients tap their most valuable asset—their data—by providing a solid foundation of information management applications and processes relied upon to improve performance and service levels at lower costs.

With eCMS Cloud Construction ERP Software, our clients receive secure access to their information so that they may gain insights and position themselves for increased profitability, increased automation and reduce the amount of time vital employees spend on non-productive tasks.


XCIPIO: Standalone Software Solutions

Solving simple business process challenges one step at a time, XCIPIO standalone solutions provide users the productivity tools they need to remain efficient and effective regardless what ERP or back-end business management solution they have in place. These easy-to-use, intuitive solutions provide organizations in any industry with additional utilities to automate workflows, manage documents and increase user productivity.