White Papers

Skanska USA Civil: Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Implementation

Most companies understand the value of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform because of its ability to bring together people, data and processes. ERP can provide seamless communication across the enterprise and drive incredible levels of productivity. However, some companies are reluctant to implement this type of solution because the process, if done without proper planning and resources, can be lengthy and expensive. In order to ensure a successful implementation and return on investment, Skanska USA Civil and Computer Guidance Corporation have partnered to deliver upon a well-defined and easily achievable ERP roadmap.


Construction Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for General and Building Contractors

This white paper is intended for general contractors (GC) performing commercial construction and involved in building and managing structures for industries that span the public and private sector, including facilities used by/for health care, education, military, government, retail, entertainment, sports, restaurants, museums, performing arts, theme parks, housing, senior living, parking garages, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and general use corporate offices and parks.


Construction Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Heavy Highway and Civil Contractors

This white paper is intended for heavy highway and civil contractors performing both public and private works, including construction for utilities, waste disposal and water treatment facilities, sewer channels, tunnels, roads and bridges. These contractors perform site clearing, excavation and building with very specialized and expensive equipment. Specific jobsite activities include dredging, piping, demolition and construction, with aggregates and materials they have produced themselves or purchased from other suppliers. This white paper will explore specific business hurdles facing heavy highway and civil contractors and the solutions available to overcome them, as well as some examples of companies that have done so.


Construction Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Service and Specialty Contractors

The following white paper has been designed to explain the unique needs and specific challenges confronted by Specialty Contractors (SC) in today’s marketplace and how Construction ERP applications and functionality help specialty contractors overcome obstacles, expedite processes and achieve their project goals with the greatest efficiency.


Approach To Construction Management

Companies in architecture, engineering and construction verticals have recognized that business automation and optimized information management are essential to achieve productivity, revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction objectives.