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eCMS v.4.1 - Constructech Top Product
Constructech Magazine
March 15, 2017

"Data is key to better decision-making and eCMS v.4.1 translates it in a way that enables construction professionals to make decisions. The technology has core capabilities needed with powerful new enhancements." Constructech Editors

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eCMS v.4.1 2017 Hot Products
Construction Executive Magazine
January 3, 2017

Smarter Construction with eCMS v.4.1 and the result is always a quality project completed on time and within budget. eCMS v.4.1 ERP industry-leading technology enables instant communication, in-depth analytics and far-reaching flexibility. With this integrated construction environment, contractors can maximize effectiveness, optimize resource allocation and minimize costs. The end result is always a quality project completed on time and within budget—that’s smarter construction from Computer Guidance Corporation.

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Smarter Construction with eCMS v.4.1 ERP
AGC Constructor Magazine
October 6, 2016

For contractors seeking to maintain or gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex construction industry, eCMS v.4.1 goes far beyond the typical reports and dashboards associated with integrated accounting and project management. The new release enables businesses to consistently improve their operations, conduct strategic long- and short-term planning, and gain an unparalleled edge through smarter business practices, smarter decision-making and, quite simply, smarter construction.

The cloud enhances and facilitates resource deployment through eCMS application interaction without having to install or configure modules on end-user devices. Project managers in the field, executives on the road, corporate staff in the office and project owners at off-site facilities can all view, share and act while leveraging the same data set through the eCMS ERP system.

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If Only Your Business Decisions Were as Simple as Your Choice for Friday Night: “Dine-In” or “Carry-Out
Design Cost Data Magazine
March 18, 2016

Whether you are a contractor, architect, design-and-build company or facilities management firm, you share a single goal in project delivery…to exceed your customers’ expectations. But, if that business objective wasn’t difficult enough already, the myriad of decisions that must be made along the way are sure to test the skills, strength and heart of any organization.

You need to drive results inside each and every daily task as well as your overall business objectives through the use of an ERP. A truly integrated solution can successfully bring together the financial and operational sides of your business, streamlining access to mission-critical construction-specific data. With an enterprise-class system encompassing all aspects of your activities, the firm’s key stakeholders can unite to reach important decisions quickly and keep projects moving forward on time and on budget despite any changes that may arise.

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WIMCO Corporation Wins Big Thanks To CGC
AGC Constructor
March 18, 2016

WIMCO Corp specializes in commercial building across a variety of industries, including schools and universities, medical facilities, office buildings, drug stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, retail stores, and shopping centers. Building for brand names and others has WIMCO Corp growing at a rate of 48% over the past 3 years.

"Computer Guidance Corporation is better than anyone in the industry at what it does. They develop best-in-class construction accounting and project management software. However, there are so many peripheral products utilized by construction companies that we also rely on third-party vendors to perfect," commented Darlene Moore of WIMCO's executive management team.

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Employee-Owned, Technology-Driven Construction by Quest
AGC Constructor
February 8, 2016

Our users, especially our operations personnel, really appreciate the ability to access eCMS from any computer at any time, and this browser-based approach was a key differentiator for CGC when we were looking at options for our new ERP. With our projects extending further away from our Phoenix headquarters, as well as the evolution of the workplace in general, being able to connect to the ERP from the office, project site, hotel or home without having to access a VPN or terminal server has simplified access as well as created efficiency for the end user. Simply put there are no barriers to system access.

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