Construction Software for Mechanical Contractors

As a mechanical contractor, you know how important service is to your business. Couple those needs with complex inventory control and purchasing requirements, and it is apparent you are going to want a comprehensive construction management software solution to manage such diverse requirements. eCMS provides the solution. From service management to accurate inventory control, the service management application provides the information required to dispatch. It also provides real-time costs and reports on work orders and jobs. Complete integration between job costing and service ensures that all costs are correctly accounted for. With the ability to import price lists by part number or service item into customized price matrices for customers, you are in control. All of this is accomplished along with the freedom of remote access. This means that you have the ability to update your multiple inventory locations, from wherever you may be, to ensure correct system data.

Another important application for mechanical contractors is time and material billing. This feature can keep accounts receivables flowing with the ability to quickly generate T&M invoices during the progression of work. Transactions entered through payroll, A/P, order processing, inventory, purchasing, general ledger and equipment accounting, as well as T&M are immediately available for invoicing. The risk of missing billing transactions disappears as designated costs are automatically posted to T&M billing.

With eCMS, your company will eliminate the clerical time required to compile billable costs, extend invoice amounts, and print invoices. All costs posted to a job are billed reducing lost revenue from missed items. Preliminary invoices can be easily reviewed and adjusted before a final invoice is generated.

Leading mechanical contractors are leveraging technology solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams — both at the field level and in the office. Now is the time to make technology work for you.

“eCMS has been the backbone of our operations for over 20 years. eCMS delivers real-time access to information from anywhere with its browser-based technology, allowing instant, yet informed decision-making. It is an extremely user-friendly, feature-rich and reliable software that continues to run our complex and multi-faceted projects on a daily basis.“

Luther Burrell
Ivey Mechanical