Construction Software for Electrical Contractors

In today's interconnected and digital world, cloud, mobile and big data come to mind when we are thinking of technology solutions for the electrical contractors. Electrical contractors, like mechanical contractors, have a large service workforce who rely on accurate and integrated information while spending the majority of their time at project and customer sites.

Electrical contractors greatly benefit from easy-to-use integrated applications that are available on their web browsers and phones. They help them organize maintenance records, follow up on preventative maintenance, access log histories, create reports for customers, view energy data, and integrate remote alarming from equipment. With eCMS, electrical contractors can now electronically record information and store it in one location—backed up on the cloud—instead of having to shuffle between disparate stacks of paper or files that can easily get mixed up and lost. Better yet, without even having to type in descriptors of the equipment, they can conveniently tag equipment with specific QR codes and scan with their smartphone to access past maintenance logs, user guides, wiring diagrams, or other resources for each specific piece of equipment. Photos taken on site can even incorporate geolocation—enabling users to take photos of equipment and tag where it is in the facility, making it easy to locate. In totality, this functionality provides all relevant data at the electrician’s fingertips. Instead of carrying paper logs and diagrams, contractors just need to carry a tablet or laptop and they now have access to all eCMS applications. eCMS differentiates electrical contractors from their competition and helps drive open communication and visibility into performance between the customer and the electrical contractor.

Leading electrical contractors are leveraging technology solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams — both at the field level and in the office. Now is the time to make technology work for you.

“Parsons Electric processed 5,500 invoices, employed over 200 workers and spent nearly 250,000 labor hours on this project to date and the project is projected to be on time and under budget as a result of the seamless integration among the eCMS enterprise resource planning applications and the way these applications manage critical business processes.“

Jeff Moryn
Parsons Electric